Latest updated: 23.03.2022 

This privacy policy describes Swash AS's practice for data protection, regarding services intended for customers for ordering at the address, intended for customers who order services. The aforementioned Swash ordering system is referred to as the "Service". Through the Service, the customer can order a car wash from Swash's partners, compare service offers and perform other actions described in the Service.

In the privacy policy, we describe the following, including but not limited to:
- how Swash processes private individuals' personal information.
- what kind of personal information Swash can collect about private individuals.
- what purposes Swash can use private individuals' personal information for.
- private individuals' rights regarding personal information collected.

1. Registration responsible

Swash AS
Organization number 925 924 164

2. Contact details

Swash AS
Sandviksveien 110
5035 Bergen

3. The register's name 

Customer register for ordering ("Register").

4. Purpose and background for the processing of personal data

The Register collects personal information about private individuals. These are delivered to Swash through the Service, in order to be able to offer the Service in a correct and legal manner. With respect to the Service, individuals are Swash's customers or users (the "Customer"). When ordering through the Service, private individuals are considered customers of Swash's partners.

Customers' personal information is used primarily to process the customer relationship and contact with customers, as well as for direct marketing.

Through the Service, personal information is also provided to Swash's partners with whom the Customer has orders a carwash. Swash's partners are mainly companies in carwashing and car care.

5. Permission for direct marketing

If the Customer has given Swash permission for direct marketing, Swash has the right to contact the Customer for marketing purposes via email, telephone, mail or other electronic means of communication. In any situation, the customer has the right to withdraw the permission for direct marketing by notifying Swash of the case.

6. The register's content

The Register collects personal information provided by the customer, regarding the agreements that are considered necessary for the customer relationship to be handled in a responsible manner. If the Customer has logged in to the Service by entering the email address and password of Swash, the Customer is requested to provide the following information regarding agreements thatSwash collects:

- Name
- Telephone number
- Email address
- Password
- Customer information that connects the Customer's payment card to the Dintero service
- IP address
- Location data (if the Customer has not prohibited the use of location data)

If the Customer has logged in to the Service through Facebook or Google, the following will be collected, in addition to the aforementioned data about the Customer:

- Customer information that connects the Customer to their Facebook or Google account.

7. Common sources of information

Personal information received when a Customer makes an order or uses the Service in any other way (for example in connection with registration or updating of user account). Apart from the aforementioned, Swash may collect user data (such as IP address and browser version) from these websites using analytical tools. Swash does not use analytical data to identify individuals, but we understand that analyzes performed with other data can create the conditions for linking the information to individuals. In these cases, we manage data and personal data. Swash also reserves the right to use cookies on their websites. The user can usually choose not to allow these from the browser settings.

8. Disclosure of personal information

When disclosing personal information, applicable law is followed in all cases.

The Customer understands and gives permission for personal information to be transferred to Swash's partners, considering the orders the Customer has made through the Service. In this context, they receive the following information:

- Name
- Email address
- Telephone number
- Information about orders

The Customer should take into account that the aforementioned data can be linked to the Customer's other personal information about himself/herself to Swash's partners. In this case, the Customer is asked to contact and provide a request related to privacy directly to the partner with whom the Customer has ordered a carwash.

Swash will not disclose the Customer's personal information to third parties other than Swash's aforementioned partners with whom the Customer has ordered a carwash.

In accordance with law, personal information may also be disclosed to public authorities upon request. The Register is stored and secured in such way that unauthorized persons do not have access to the information in the Register.

9. Transfer of personal information 

In order to be able to offer their Services, Swash uses subcontractors. According to the privacy policy, they are so-called "processors of personal data". Swash can publish more information on its website about privacy practices, and the Customer can also contact Swash for questions regarding data protection.

The Customer agrees that their personal data may be transferred to third parties who process information, provided that the transfer of personal data is handled in accordance with the EU Privacy Regulation. The above also includes the right to transfer personal data to a third country outside the EU and the EEA, provided that all the requirements of the EU Privacy Regulation are complied with during the transfer.

10. Protection of the Register 

Swash ensures that the Register's data protection follows generally accepted practices, and strives to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to both IT systems and the material that is maintained and stored manually.

Only Swash's employees or Swash's contractors and their employees have access to the information in the Register, and everyone is subject to a duty of confidentiality.

11. Right of access

The Customer has the right to know what data that is stored in the Register of the Customer, or to be informed that no data about the Customer is stored in the Register. Swash shall at the same time state the Register's usual sources of information as well as the purposes for which the Register's data is used and routinely distributed to.

A Customer who wishes to verify data about himself/herself must send a request to Swash in the form of a personally signed document or a document that is official in a similar way.

12. Korrigering av informasjon Correction of information

If the Customer in the exercise of his/her right of access finds that the data in the Register is incomplete or incorrect, the Customer has the right to request that Swash change the information correctly.

13. Other rights

Swash reserves the right to periodically amend this Privacy policy to fulfill their legal obligations.

Swash undertakes, on its own initiative or at the request of a person registered in the Register, to correct, delte or add to the Register that are incorrect, unnecessary, insufficient or, for example, outdated. If the correction of the information has not been approved, the Customer will be assigned a statement that gives the reason why the request for correction has not been approved.

14. Cookie policy 

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