Blue car with yellow sponge removing foam from the car.

Swash offers software to revolutionize the carwash in your facilities. Our tech-solution is customized to both jet wash and machine wash. The customer can choose between different locations and washing programs, and pay securely via Vipps.

Swash' technology makes carwash easier than ever before. We offer you QR-codes, a secure payment solution via Vipps, in addition to back office. Synchronization between the landing page, terminal and washing system minimizes manual work and makes the purchasing process more efficient. We can help you with everything you need to digitize your carwash!

Outshine your competitors and attract more customers by using a dynamic dashboard with key information about sales and customer behavior.

We offer the following features in the dashboard:


Swash gives you everything you need to digitize your carwash. Join us into the future and outshine your competitors. We know that much of your carwash equipment is vacant for long periods of time. Use data to adapt prices in periods with low turnover, and increase your earnings.

Together with our partner Washabo we offer all the hardware you need to digitize your carwash. License plate recognition camera, control system for machines regardless of the type, and physical payment terminal. Washabo has developed a user friendly and easy-to-use payment terminal with touch screen. The terminal is produced in steel, and is delivered with the software from Swash.

Do you want to join our journey? Contact us at hei@swash.no

Balck car in a machine wash with blue brushes.